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	Motown Song List
ABC                          		Jackson 5                 motwo 
Ain't That Peculiar         		    Marvin Gaye              cd (?)

Ain't Nothing Like The Real Thing 	    Marvin Gaye                 Motown

Ain't No Mountain High Enough                    Diana Ross                                        old 19

Ain't No Mountain High Enough                   Marvin Gaye                                         1967CR

Aint too proud to beg                                 The Temptations                                     66CR

All Night Long                                               Lionel Richie                                   Motown

All This Love            
                                    Degarbe D                                       Motown

Baby Love                  		 Supremes              Old 19

Baby Love                   		Supremes              964R

Baby Love                    		Supremes             64-H

Baby I need your Loving                                Four Tops                                             1964

Baby I'm For Real                                           The Originals                                 Motow

Baby Now that Ive found you                  The foundations                                        68 CR

Bernadette                  		Four Tops                                           67R

Chain of Fools             		 Aretha Franklin                               BB68

Can I get a witness        		Marvin Gaye                                          1963

Can't Help Myself          		Four Tops                                 Old 19

Cloud Nine                 		The Temptations                               68R

Come See About Me     		     The Supremes                                     64R       

Cry Like a Baby                                           Box Tops                                             68R

Cry Like A Baby                                              Box Tops                                          Oldi 18

dance to the Music        		Sly & The Family Stone                       rat rock

Dancing In The Street                                       MarthaReeves                                        Moton

Dancing in the street                                        Martha & Vandellas                                        64R

Fire & Desire                                                              Rick James                                        Moton

Don't Look Any Further                              Dennis Edwards                                Moton

Fingertips                                                   Stevie Wonder                                     1963

                             Marvin Gaye                                          cd

                             Martha Reeves                                      djt 16

Heat Wave                                                  Martha Reeves                                      Moton

Him Or Me                                                   Today T                                        Moton

How Sweet it is                            
                      Marvin Gaye                                          cd

How sweet it is                                               Marvin Gaye                                          1964R

Hitch Hike                              
                        Marvin Gaye                                          1963

Got to Give it up                        
 Marvin Gaye                                          cd

Going to a go go                                            The Miracles                       1966R

I Can't Help                                              Four Tops                                         Motown

I Hear a Symphony                                  The Supremes                                 65R

I heard it through the grapevine          Gladys Knight                                    67R  

I Second that Emotion                             Smokey Robinson                               67R

I Want You                                                  Marvin Gaye                                          cd?

I Want You Back                                            Jackson 5                                        BB70

I Want You Back                                  Black Rob                                        Motwn
I thank you                                             Sam & Dave                                          68R

I Love Your Smile                                    Shanice S                                        Moton

I Was Made To Love Her                        Stevie Wonder                                        67CR

Just My Imagination                             Temptations                                   motwn

I'm Coming Out                                        Diana Ross                                        Moton

I'll Be There                                        Jackson Five                                        Moton

Ill Be Doggone                                        Marvin Gaye                                        65R

Im Losing You                                        The Temptations                                        66R

Its the same old song                             Four Tops                                        65R

Jimmy Mack                                        Marthat & the Vandellas                                        67R

Keep On Truckin'                                        Eddie Kendricks                                        Moton

Let It Whip                                              Dazz Band                                        Moton

Let's Get it On         			Marvin Gaye                                          cd

Let's Get Serious                                  Jermaine Jackson                                        Moton

Love Child             			 The Supremes                                 68R
Love is Here             		The Supremes                                 67R

Motown 25th Aniv. Medley                           FourTops& Temptation                                        DJT15

I Got You (I feel Good)  		  James Brown                        DJT13
My Cherie Amore        		 Stevie Wonder                                     motwn

My Girl                                                    The Temptations                                        BB65

My Girl                  			 Temptations                           Old 19
My guy                   			Mary Wells                                         64R

My World is Empty        		The Supremes                                 1966 R 

Neither One Of Us Wants                                        Gladys Knight                                         Moton

Nowhere to run                                      Marthat & the Vandellas                         65R
Papa's Got a Brand New Bag                                   James Brown                                       DJT

Papa Was A Rollin' Stone                                        The Temptations                                        Motwn

Papa Was A Rolling Stone                                        The Temptations                                        Th 70's

Papa's got a brand new bag                                        Jackson Brown                                        Movie1

Papa's Got A Brand New Bag                                        James Brown                                        obgcd

Please Mr. Postman                                        The Marvelettes                                        Moton

Please Mr. Postman                               The Marvelettes     1961R
Pride & Joy                                             Marvin Gaye                                          1963
Reach Out Ill Be There                         Four Tops                  66R
Reflections                                        Diana Ross+ Supreme                                        67CR
Respect                                                    Aretha Franklin           djt9
Respect                                                    Arethat Franklin           67R
Respect                                                    Arethat Franklin           DJT9

Rescue Me                                        Fontella Bass                                        65R

Stanging in the Shadow of Love             Four Tops                                        66R

Shop Around                                        Smokey Robinson                                        Moton

Think                                                       Aretha Franklin           68 R
Too Busy Thinking aboutmyBaby   Marvin Gaye                                          cd?
Superstition                                            Stevie Wonder                    70s & moton

Since Youyve been gone                           Artetha Franklin           68R
Somebody's Watching Me                             Rockwell R                                        Moton
Someday We'll Be Together                                The Supremes                                        Moton
Stop!Stop! In The Name Of Love                                  The Supremes                                        Moton

Superfreak                                        Rick James                                        Moton

Take Time to Know Her                                        Percy Sledge                                        68R

Tears of a Clown                                     Smokey Robinson          motwo

The House that jack built                                        Arethat Franklin                                        68R

The Happening                                        The Supremes                                        67R

This Old Heart of mine                                        Isley Brothers                                        66CR

The way you do the things                                        the temptations                                        64R

Three Times A Lady                                        The Commodores                                        Moton

Uptight                             		 Stevie Wonder                                     66R

War                                        Edwin Starr                                        Motwn

What's Going On                                   Marvin Gaye                                   cd

What's Going On                                        Marvin Gaye                                        Moton

What's Going On                         Marvin Gaye                 The 70's

What BecomesOfTheBrokenHearted                                        Jimmy Ruffin                                        Moton

When You TellMeULoveMe                                        Diana Ross                                        Moton

Whos Making Love                               Johnnie Taylor                                        68R
Where Did Our Love Go                                        The Supremes                                        obgcd
Where Did Our Love Go                                              THe Supremes                                 64CR
You Keep Me Hanging On                                             The Supremes                                 66R
Your Precious Love                                Marvin Gaye/Terrell   67CR
Youre a wonderful one                                            Marvin Gaye                                          64R
Youre all I need to get by                                              Marvin Gaye                                          68R
When a Man Loves a Woman                                     percy Sledge              old 1 old 19
You Make Me Feel like a natural woman                         Aretha Franklin           67R




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